Subway Sub Of The Month

The Subway Sub of the Month 2018 has been a huge success for Subway. It is a monthly promotion offering a featured sub sandwich at a special sale price. They have also had special promotions such as “Februany” and “Subtember” where they offer a wider range of subs to be available at the special promotional price.

Here at we provide monthly updates about the new Subway sandwiches that are available. Check out all of our latest updates on our Sub of the Month blog. Subway also has the Sub of the Day promotion where they offer one of their classic footlongs at a sale price. That info is available here: Subway Sub of the Day. You can also update to a full meal for just a few bucks more which includes a 21 ounce soft drink and a bag of chips. Subway always has a great selection of chips available and has even featured some of the new flavors of Lays.
Sub of the MonthAside from sub sandwiches, Subway also lets you make your sub a salad! They simply don’t use bread and put all of the toppings you want into a salad with lettuce. Subway also has fresh soups like chicken noodle and cheddar & broccoli. They also recently introduced breakfast and now have a variety of breakfast sandwiches you can try. These breakfast flat breads feature breakfast favorites such as bacon, eggs, cheese, steak and black forest ham. With such great food, plus their healthy options for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Subway is a no-brainer. Such a wide variety of sub sandwiches are available you could eat here multiple times a week and never get tired of it!