Subway Sub Of The Month May 2016

The sub of the month for May is the new Carved Turkey sub! This new sandwich at Subway features brand new premium and thick carved turkey. You can go deluxe with the sub for double the meat! Also available each day are the Subway Subs of the Day! Pick from a different sub each day of the week! Another new Subway deal for the month of May is a free 6″ breakfast sandwich. Get any 6″ breakfast sandwich for free with purchase of any sub sandwich before 9AM. There are 4 types of breakfast sandwich to choose from. Bacon, egg & cheese, black forest ham, egg & cheese, egg & cheese and steak, egg white & cheese.

Subway Sub Of The Day

The Sub of the Day is Subway’s popular promotion that lets you try out a new sub each day of the week! There are 7 different subs to choose from available on a specific day of each week! The selection varies by location, but it’s usually consisting of classic Subway subs. The meatball marinara, cold cut combo, spicy Italian, black forest ham, oven roasted chicken, tuna and turkey breast are all classic choices that most locations carry. Subway Sub of the Day

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