Subway Sub Of The Month August

The August Subway Sub Of The Month is once again the Simple 6 menu from Subway! You get a 6 inch sub, a bag of chips and a drink! Choose from the six subs below! This awesome Subway deal allows you to try a new sub each time you visit Subway! Get a well rounded meal with your choice of toppings on each sub – you can even get them toasted – along with a snack in your choice of chips! With plenty of fountain drink choices, this promotion is one of the best for lunch time or dinner time!

Subway Simple $6 Menu for the month of August – includes a fountain drink and your choice of chips!

  • Tuna
  • Meatball Marinara
  • Italian B.M.T.
  • Turkey Breast
  • Black Forest Ham
  • Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki
  • Don’t miss out on the Subway deals for August in 2015! Sub of the day and Sub of the month are sure to keep you coming back!

    Subway Sub Of The Day

    The Sub of the Day is Subway’s popular promotion that lets you try out a new sub each day of the week! This program does vary by location and some Subway restaurants might not offer this promotion, but you can find information on which sub is available for each day of the week right here on this site! Subway Sub of the Day

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