Subway Sub Of The Month January 2017

The Sub of the Month for January 2017 at Subway is the Steak and Cheese $6 Footlong sub sandwich! Stay warm during the cold of the winter with this warm toasted sub! Packed with succulent steak and your favorite kind of cheese, this warm sub will fill you up and get you a nice serving of protein. It’s perfect for lunch or dinner and goes great with all your favorite veggies and toppings.

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Subway Sub Of The Day

In addition to the Sub of the Month, Subway also features a new sub sandwich each day as part of their Subway Sub of the Day promotion. 7 different sub sandwiches are featured and are available to be chosen including; the meatball marinara, cold cut combo, spicy Italian, black forest ham, oven roasted chicken, tuna and turkey breast subs. These six-inch subs are available as part of their $3.50 meal deal. Always a healthy and tasty option for lunch or dinner. Selection may vary by location so you should check with your local Subway restaurant to see what they have available.

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