Subway Sub Of The Month July

The July Subway Sub Of The Month is the BBQ Oven Roasted Chicken Melt $6 Footlong!

In addition to this $6 footlong sub sandwich, also available this month is the $3 Six Inch Select Spicy Italian!

Subway has a huge new promotion for the summer filled with some great new subs! Also, Subway now has avocado as a topping again! This is sure to be exciting news to many of you! They’ve introduced two new BBQ Subs for the summer with the Subway Sub Of the Month for this month, the BBQ Oven Roasted Chicken Melt and what we can only assume to be the Sub of the Month for August, the BBQ Steak & Bacon Melt. Be sure to stop by Subway and check out both of these subs today!

Subway also has lunch and breakfast meal deals as always so be sure to check those out!

Don’t miss out on the Subway Sub Of the Month July deals!

Subway Sub Of The Day

Also featured this month are 9 other sandwiches offered by Subway. It’s not known if these are all a part of the Subway Sub Of The Day promotion or not, but Subway has confirmed that they will be part of their featured subs for the month of July. 5 of these items are their new Flatizza’s which are basically a pizza on a flatbread. There are so many featured Subway subs this month that you can have a new one every day for a week and a half! Here are the 9 sandwiches featured this month by Subway not including the two Subway Sub Of The Month sub sandwiches.

  • Applewood Pulled Pork
  • BBQ Steak and Bacon Melt
  • Subway Club with Avocado
  • Turkey & Bacon Avocado
  • Bacon, Egg & Cheese with Avocado
  • Cheese Flatizza
  • Pepperoni Flatizza
  • Spicy Italian Flatizza
  • Veggie Flatizza
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